Partnership for Youth Empowerment

Partnership for Youth Empowerment
Education and Youth

Partnership for Youth Empowerment is a training and youth development organization that partners with communities across the world to provide transformative programs for youth. Their mission is to assist communities in providing arts-based, intergenerational programs for youth that develop creativity, personal power, cross-cultural competency, and skills for leading purposeful lives. PYE believes that it is their job to give young people the tools they need to thrive in this challenging new world with a focus on providing safe, positive communities where young people can thrive and discover the power of their own creativity. This international non-profit develops workshops and programs for young people in local areas. The goal of these workshops is to show and teach the youth about the importance and transformative power of creativity.

$5,000 grant in support of arts-based youth work internationally

$18,000 grant in support of empowering youth in South Africa