Southern Colorado Youth Academy

Southern Colorado Youth Academy

The Southern Colorado Youth Academy will provide year round, safe, interactive and educational in-school and after-school programs along with year round workshops, events and community action projects to youth, male and female, in schools and throughout Las Animas County. Activities through our project will provide academic, healthy living, athletic, artistic and citizenship based curriculum that will enable youth and families to discover true passions, build confidence to develop skills and capacity to tackle their realized goal to promote healthy choices and healthy children.

“POSITIVE IDENTITY” is a year round program which will provide opportunity for youth, volunteers and partners in various pathways to get in touch with their own values, including the consequences of lack of clarity, and of ignoring or compromising values.

This fresh and engaging program fits the needs and challenges youth face on a daily basis from issues related to making friends, setting goals, becoming more self confident, conflict resolution, and obesity to handling difficult situations involving risky behavior such as bullying, thoughts of suicide, and events that lead to teen pregnancy.

Events, Workshops, Day Camps and Six Week Sessions will be made available to ALL schools, based on funding, located within Las Animas County. Each Principal will be allowed to individually choose from several Healthy Living, Athletic, Artistic, STEM and Citizenship based programs we offer that best meet the needs their students have.