By inspiring, educating and unifying the Cabot family we are helping to continue the generous tradition of philanthropy.

Apply For Funding

Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation
for those who have been invited to apply
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
for Non-Profit Organizations in Boston
Bar NI Community Service Fund
for Charitable Organizations in the Purgatoire Valley of Colorado
Maria Moors Cabot Prize
for Journalists contributing to Inter-American Understanding

A History of Giving

Photo of Godfrey Lowell Cabot and Maria Moors Cabot
Godfrey Lowell Cabot and Maria Moors Cabot

The Cabot family shares a multi-generational belief in looking for ways to make the world a better place.

Founded in 1938

Maria Moors Cabot Prizes

This legacy of giving was first formalized in 1938 by Godfrey Lowell Cabot when he endowed the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes at Columbia University. These are the oldest international prizes awarded in journalism today.

Founded in 1942

Cabot Family Charitable Trust

In order to sustain and encourage an active commitment to philanthropy by members of the Cabot family, Godfrey created the Cabot Family Charitable Trust in 1942.

Painting of VIrginia Wellington Cabot and Thomas D. Cabot
VIrginia Wellington Cabot and Thomas D. Cabot

Founded in 1992

Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

In 1992 Godfrey’s son Thomas D. Cabot and his wife Virginia, established the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation as an important tool for teaching future generations to be effective and innovative givers.

It was their wish that this foundation would be the instrument through which their descendants could actively participate in carrying on their tradition of trying to help make this a better world.

Photo of Bar NI Ranch Sign
Bar NI Ranch

Founded in 2004

Bar N I Community Service Fund

The family continues to find ways to give, and in 2004 established the Bar N I Community Service Fund to provide support to local communities and service organizations of the Purgatoire Valley.

Philanthropic Commitment

Today Cabot-Wellington, LLC continues to facilitate the family’s successful participation, stewardship, and preservation of multiple philanthropic endeavors.