Maria Moors Cabot Prizes

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The Maria Moors Cabot Prizes have the distinction of being the oldest international prize in journalism, celebrating over 75 years of honoring journalistic excellence.   The prizes were created in 1938 when, as a memorial to his wife,  Godfrey Lowell Cabot endowed a fund at New York’s Columbia University to award prizes to outstanding journalists in the Western hemisphere who, through their distinguished body of work, have contributed to Inter-American understanding.

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism administers the prizes. The president of Columbia University presents the winners with their awards in a formal ceremony in the beautiful rotunda of Low Memorial Library, on the University’s main campus in New York City.

The prizes celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2013 with a major international conference and prize retrospective.  For more on the 75th anniversary of the Prizes, please visit

Award Information

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism administers the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes to journalists based in the Western Hemisphere with a long record of reporting on the region.